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BirdingTrails.com is committed to helping you find new places to watch birds by publishing helpful information, such as:

  • Detailed Descriptions - featuring written information on hundreds of different birding hotspots across Michigan
  • Migration Records - taken from eBird, the information in our charts show which month to search for your nemesis bird
  • Latest Sightings - a gadget from BirdTrax embedded in our webpages provides convenient access to eBird data


The Best Hotspots

Compiling information from birders' personal experience, eBird, and local birding websites, we have created the biggest and best list of birding hotspots.

Migration Records

Using data from eBird, we have created a graphical representation showing which months are the best times to see your favorite birds.

Our Book

We recently finished publishing a comprehensive birding guide to Michigan. To help support BirdingTrails.com, purchase a copy from the Chippewa Nature Center or Amazon.com.


Website Administrator is on Hiatus

The administrator of this website recently moved to Wisconsin. Once he gets settled, he would like to continue updating this birding project.
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