Kalkaska County
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Birding Kalkaska County: Hotspots near Kalkaska


(A) Lake Skegemog Pathway & Platform ★★

Providing visitors with a north woods feel, the bogs and conifer swamps of Lake Skegemog Swamp Pathway work together to create a quiet nature sanctuary. Visitors to the north country will enjoy listening to the haunting call of a Common Loon. Bald Eagles can be seen nesting and swooping down to catch fish.

The area is a pleasant spot for birding since many of the trees are dead, leaving less bird-hiding foliage. The Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy manages the nature preserve.

Website: goo.gl/bp5LLh | Map: Click here
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Common LoonCommon Loon


(B) Seven Bridges Natural Area ★★

Showcasing an “enchanted forest”, Seven Bridges is one of Kalkaska County’s most well-kept secrets. The highlight of the beautiful 314-acre preserve is a series of footbridges, which repeatedly traverse the Rapid River under the shade of mature cedars. Listen for flycatchers and vireos when walking through the pleasant shade canopies.

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Red-eyed VireoRed-eyed Vireo


(C) Rugg Pond ★

Rugg Pond is a 26-acre lake bordered by forest and wetlands. The Rapid River flows through the pond, where Canvasbacks and other types of ducks can be seen during migration.

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(D) Guernsey Lake ★

Surrounded by Pere Marquette State Forest, Guernsey Lake is a secluded 31-acre body of water where Common Loons sometimes nest. Birders visiting the lake in the past have reported seeing numerous kinds of warblers in the nearby trees, including Black-and-white, Blue-winged, Pine, and Chestnut-sided.

Website: goo.gl/TRxejp
Fees: Recreation Passport required ($11 resident, $31.10 non-resident)
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