Iron County
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Birding Iron County: Hotspots near Crystal Falls & Iron River


(A) Lake Ste Kathryn Campground ★

Featuring 24 campsites, Lake Ste Kathryn Campground is a pleasant place to stay. The sites are small in size and are drive-in only, with only vegetation separating them. A mature forest surrounds the campground and the 150-acre Lake St. Kathryn. The Deer Marsh Interpretive Trail starts at the campground, providing birders with an opportunity to see many kinds of flycatchers, warblers, and thrushes.

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Great-crested FlycatcherGreat-crested Flycatcher

(B) Brule Lake ★

Encircled by pristine northern forest, Brule Lake is a part of Ottawa Recreation Area. The recreation area becomes an excellent hotspot for warblers during migration, when as many as 20 species of warblers can be seen on a good day. Unfortunately, the park has limited amenities and can become very buggy in June and July, so be sure to bring spray. There are two boat launches available; one at the south end of Brule Lake and another on the north side. The directions lead to the south launch.

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Magnolia WarblerMagnolia Warbler


(C) Bewabic State Park ★★

Bewabic State Park is a wooded preserve located next to First Lake. The park is popular with birders because of the large numbers of warblers that migrate through every year. There is a couple of trails present to explore, one of which leads to the tip of a peninsula overlooking the lake. Birders should keep their eyes open for Common Loons and Merlins, which live around the lake’s shoreline and can be easily seen. The parks trails visit a hilly forest where warblers, hawks, and owls live. Bewabic State Park has a 137-site campground with privacy buffers positioned between most of the sites.

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Phone: (906) 875-3324
Fees: Recreation Passport required ($11 resident, $31.10 non-resident)
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(D) Crystal Falls Sewage Lagoons ★

The Crystal Falls Sewage Lagoons consist of several ponds positioned next to a river. In April and May, many kinds of sandpipers and ducks can be found on the sewage ponds.

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