Luce County
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Birding Luce County: Hotspots near Newberry


(A) Perch Lake Boat Launch ★

Surrounded by forest, 125-acre Perch Lake is a good place to search for warblers and other songbirds. In the past, Black-backed Woodpeckers have been sighted near the boat launch.

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Black-backed WoodpeckerBlack-backed Woodpecker


(B) McMahon Lake Preserve ★★

Famously immortalized by Ernest Hemingway in his book, “Big Two-Hearted River”, McMahon Lake Preserve is a remote, marshy area that birders seldom visit. Managed by the Nature Conservancy, the 4,084-acre preserve lies amidst the Two-Hearted River watershed. Many interesting birds can be seen within the preserve’s boundaries, including Pileated Woodpeckers, Gray Jays, and Northern Parula.

The roads leading to Lake McMahon can become mucky after a heavy rain, so visitors should exercise caution during wet weather. The area’s boreal forest has rarely been logged because of the swampy terrain and remote location. A dearth of human activity helps to make the preserve a good home for Pine Martens, moose, and wolves.

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Pileated WoodpeckerPileated Woodpecker


(C) Natalie Campground ★

Situated in the wilderness of Lake Superior State Forest, Natalie Campground is a good place for birders seeking a quiet and restful atmosphere. There are 12 tent sites available on a first come, first serve basis. The campground also has rustic vault toilets and an old-fashioned hand pump well. Red-breasted Nuthatches, Purple Finches, and other boreal species can be sighted at the campground.

Fees: Recreation Passport required ($11 resident, $31.10 non-resident)
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(D) Hamilton Lake Nature Area ★★

The natural beauty experienced by first-time visitors to Lake Natural Area will undoubtedly create a lasting memory. The lake's shoreline, which is covered by a pristine forest, reflects pristine beauty. Bald Eagles and Common Loons are just two of the many bird species which nest near the lake. Unfortunately, other than a walking path, amenities at the 58-acre nature preserve are limited.

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